Going Green

At Kern Augustine, P.C., we believe it is important to continuously strive toward building a culture of social responsibility and leadership – going beyond our defense of physicians and healthcare providers.
Toward that end, we have embarked upon a “Going Green Initiative” including, but not limited to, a baseline auditing of our energy and paper usage. Recycling and other energy-related initiatives have also been implemented to reduce our environmental impact by efficiently using and reusing resources, saving energy, and reducing waste. The firm has been further engaged in and remains deeply committed to:
  • Cell phone recycling
  • Computer recycling
  • Bottle and can recycling
  • Comprehensive paper recycling
  • Purchasing paper with recycled content
Recently the firm has grown and office expansion has been a necessity. As we have expanded our offices, we have done so with the environment in mind. For example, our construction efforts have carried mandates such as: 
  • Replacing incandescent bulbs with energy-saving fluorescents
  • Occupancy sensors have also been installed in lightly travelled spaces, to turn lights off automatically if not occupied
  • HVAC systems have been replaced with more energy efficient models
  • Floor tiles have been replaced with new tiles that contain 40% of 
  • Pre-consumer recycled materials
  • Used carpet recycled, diverting over 1,000 pounds of materials from landfills 
  • By choosing The Shade Store's blinds, which are made using the most sustainable natural resources and materials available, a tree was planted by the Arbor Day Foundation to assist in their ongoing efforts to nourish our National Forests. 
Our efforts are ongoing and our commitment is growing – to both “Going Green” and to our shared community.





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