SBME Reporter
Fall 2012 / Volume 1, Issue 3
Information provided by Kern Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann, P.C.


  • Deviation from Standard of Care Board found physician engaged in indiscriminate prescribing, failure to perform history and physicals and suggested medical treatments to patients without a sufficient basis – all of which Board found to be a deviation from appropriate medical standards.  Physician entered into Settlement Agreement as Interim Resolution pending further proceedings, requiring that physician immediately cease and desist from the practice of medicine and surgery and forfeit his CDS registration.
  • Prescription Drug Diversion Immediate temporary suspension of physician’s license following Board’s inspection of physician’s office.  Investigation found he had prescribed prescription painkillers and other CDS without having the proper CDS registration, had directed staff to call in prescriptions to patients’ pharmacies using another doctor’s name and credentials, and had maintained expired and unlabeled CDS in an unlocked cabinet.  Physician had also violated prior disciplinary order restricting his ability to practice outside of a hospital or institutional setting.
  • Practicing Without License; False Tax Returns Physician’s license suspended in another state due to negligence, moral unfitness, willful harassment of a patient, and failing to maintain accurate patient records.  Thereafter, practicing spinal and cosmetic surgery without a license and filing false personal tax returns.  Immediate Temporary Suspension of Respondent’s license to practice medicine and physician’s agreement to cease from practice in any jurisdiction and to not derive any income from the practice of medicine in the State of New Jersey. 
  • Conducting Unauthorized Research on Patients Physician under investigation by the New Jersey Department of Human Services for allegedly conducting unauthorized research on patients who had intellectual disabilities.  Physician also the subject of a criminal investigation related to the same matter.  Under an Interim Consent Order, the physician voluntarily agreed to the temporary suspension of his medical license, and that the Board will adjourn any further disciplinary proceedings until the criminal investigation is resolved.


Increased awareness will hopefully result in an increased willingness among physicians to take action to make the SBME process fair to both the complainants and the physicians. A fair and just disciplinary system should be a goal that no one can, or should argue or work against. Any questions call us at 800-445-0954, or email us at