Legal Grand Rounds®

Today’s complex regulatory environment, coupled with an increasingly litigious climate, has resulted in an ever increasing number of medical liability investigations and actions involving physicians. Consequently, educating residents and new physicians to practice effective risk management has never been so important, nor the stakes so high for failing to do so.

With that goal in mind, Kern Augustine, P.C. has created the Legal Grand Rounds® educational series, a highly acclaimed and newly expanded medical/legal educational program designed specifically to assist residents and new physicians in identifying their legal rights and responsibilities. This program provides essential risk management solutions and also helpful insights as to how to apply those solutions in day-to-day practice.

We are so confident of the need for, and benefits to be attained from, the Legal Grand Rounds® educational series, that we have decided to provide this program to residents and medical staff physicians at no cost. It is our hope that, by sharing our firm’s knowledge and expertise in all areas of healthcare law, we can provide every physician with an even greater edge towards achieving and maintaining professional success.

  • Fraud and Abuse
  • Physician Contracting
  • Physician Licensure
  • Improving your Prognosis: Medical Professional Liability
  • Medical Records and Reimbursement
  • The Physician - Patient Relationship
  • Regulatory Agencies

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