Winter 2016
Volume 5, Issue 1


DISTRIBUTING AND POSSESSING WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE OXYCODONE RESULTS IN LICENSE SURRENDER Physician admitted guilt to the charge of having been convicted in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York of distributing and possessing with intent to distribute oxycodone. 


FALSE STATEMENTS ON APPLICATIONS FOR PRIVILEGES AND INAPPROPRIATELY ACCESSING MEDICAL RECORDS FOR INDIVIDUALS NOT UNDER HIS CARE RESULTS IN LICENSE SURRENDER An out-of-state physician was disciplined in Wisconsin for engaging in unprofessional conduct by knowingly making false statements on an application for hospital staff privileges. Physician’s license to practice medicine and surgery in Wisconsin was limited by requiring physician to successfully complete a substantial in-person professional ethics course subject to the approval of the board, and to pay costs in the amount of $1,550.00. Physician was also disciplined in Iowa for having inappropriately accessed the medical records of individuals who were not under his care, in violation of patient privacy standards. Physician was ordered by the Iowa Board to pay a civil penalty of $2,500. The conduct resulting in the Wisconsin Board disciplinary action against the physician constitutes professional misconduct under the laws of New York State. New York's Education Law requires a showing that one acted “willfully” in inaccurately answering questions on an application, in order for the inaccurate answer to be considered a violation of the law, and hence, professional misconduct. The conduct resulting in the Iowa Board disciplinary action against the physician would also constitute misconduct under the laws of New York State. As a result, physician was ordered to surrender his license as a physician in the State of New York.  

PHYSICIAN DISCIPLINED FOR FRAUDULENTLY PRESCRIBING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES FOR OTHER THAN A GOOD FAITH PURPOSE During a period of six months, physician issued prescriptions for controlled substances for other than a good faith medical purpose, on three occasions. Physician was ordered to surrender his license and prohibited from ever making an application to have his license restored. .

PHYSICIAN'S FAILURE TO MAINTAIN ACCURATE PATIENT RECORDS AND FAILURE TO DEFEND AGAINST AT LEAST ONE OF THE CHARGES OF NEGLEGENCE ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION LEADS PHYSICIAN TO SURRENDER HIS LICENSE Physician failed to render and/or note appropriate evaluation and/or treatment of the patients prescribed medication, including controlled substances, in an inappropriate manner and/or without noting adequate basis in his medical records. 

FELONY CONVICTION RESULTS IN LICENSE SUSPENSION Physician found guilty of having been convicted in the Supreme Court, Kings County, State of New York of Offering a False Instrument for Filing. Physician’s license is suspended for six months after which the physician will be placed on probation for three years. Furthermore, the physician's license is permanently limited precluding him from billing as part of his medical practice or engage in billing in any setting. The physician is required to complete sixty hours of continuing medical education during the suspension and must complete the standard CME requirements for licensure and his specialty once he returns to practice medicine. 

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