CMS Launches Quality Payment Program Education Site

Question: What tools are available to providers to help them decide what payment model they should choose?

Answer: The CMS’s Quality Payment Program recently announced that it has released an online tool meant to help clinicians determine which new Medicare payment models best suit them and their practices. The tool is an application program interface, or API, that will allow physicians and their practices to build software that enables sharing of quality measure data for MACRA. The application has been used by “tens of thousands” of users so far, according to the CMS. It is one of many ways the agency is trying to ease concerns by providers who are feeling the pressure of impending deadlines. Reporting of quality data begins in January 2017 and payment on that data will come two years later.

The website contains a video library, webinars and educational programs, resources for registries and qualified clinical data registries, and multiple fact sheets and resources aimed to help providers learn more about alternative payment models. The site also contains contact information for all alternative payment model questions and allows users to subscribe to updates on the latest Quality Payment Program updates. You may access the Quality Payment Program website at:
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For those of you in states with legalized medical marijuana, here is a point to ponder. Remember, marijuana is still illegal according to the federal government. If you prescribe medical marijuana for a patient, you might want to inform them that if they truthfully answer a question on a federal form concerning if they take a banned substance, it will negatively impact that application.  Until next week, Larry Kobak

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