Millions of Healthcare Workers to be Affected by New Overtime Pay Rules
Question: How will the new overtime rules affect the healthcare industry?
Answer: Last week the Department of Labor announced an update to overtime regulations that increases the threshold below which employees must get overtime pay to $47,476 — up from $23,660 under current rules. The new regulations mean that both hourly and salaried workers are required to get time and a half pay when they put in more than 40 hours a week. Salaried employees who make more than the threshold and have jobs classified as executive, administrative and professional, however, can be required to work extra time with no extra pay. 

Although there are exceptions (e.g., businesses that make less than $500,000 in sales or nonprofit charities), the new rules make millions of full-time healthcare workers eligible for overtime pay. Analysts expect this rule to affect a total of approximately 4.2 million workers.
Healthcare professions that will likely be affected by the overtime threshold increase are nurses, medical and physical therapist assistants, medical and pharmacy technicians, and paramedics. Based on 2015 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these healthcare professionals make mean salaries ranging from $25,710 to $47,010.

The change goes into effect December 1st, and the threshold will automatically adjust every three years, based on wage growth over time.
Weekly Charting Tip:

It is quality, not quantity that is the hallmark of a good medical chart. Even if your EMR spits out 10 pages per visit, that might be a sign of inaccurate copy and pasting for prior visits that are no longer accurate in their entirety. Before you copy and paste anything, make sure that continues to be accurate in its entirety. Edit it if it is not.

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